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Root Elevators
Amalgam Instruments
Periodontia Instruments
Probes and Explorers
Nerve Instruments
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Matrix Instruments
Impression Trays
Pliers for Orthodontics
Knives and Scalpels
Scalpels and Knives
Forceps and Clamps
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Hooks and Retractors
Intestinal Forceps and Clamps
Rectal Speculums and Proctoscopes
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Vaginal Specula and Retractors
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Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Lung Spatulas and Suction Cannulae
Bone Punches and Rongeurs
Amputation Instruments
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Tampers, Chisels and Gouges
Bone Holding Forceps and Clamps
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Meniscus Instruments
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Plaster Instruments
Suction Instruments
TC Instruments
Hospital Wares
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Directors Probes and Cotton Applicators
Suturing Instruments
Pocket Instrument and Venae Sectio Set
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Sternum and Rib Instruments
Bioptome and Aortic Dilators
Vascular Spatulas, Strippers and Tourniquets
Irrigating Cannulae and Dilators
Kidney Clamps and Forceps
Gall Duct Dilators, Scoops and Forceps
Gall Duct Forceps and Probes


About Us

A.L.M. Surgicare was founded over a quarter of a century ago to fill the need for old world craftsmanship, combined with our German technology and production know-how. To achieve this unique combination of skills and instruments of the finest quality A.L.M. has devised and created new processes - new equipment - new quality control standards. This concept has been building an enviable reputation in operating rooms throughout the world - a reputation for rugged dependability and brilliant performance.

A.L.M. Surgicare strives to produce & supply the latest and most comprehensive range of instruments, due to rapid evolution in the field of biological sciences and constant evolution in surgical methodology, A.L.M. Surgicare constantly review and update the product range with the passage of time. All majour production processes are preformed in- house in our production plant. 

A.L.M. Surgicare manufacture and export top quality re-useable type Surgical and Dental instruments of all kinds, Chiropody, Pedicure and Manicure instruments and all type of tungsten carbide inserted scissors, needle holders and nail & wire cutters. 

A.L.M. Surgicare prides itself on the rigorous quality control monitoring on every step from initial to final stage to ensure the supply of finest grade consistency instruments according to the specifications supplied. 

Our production and quality control comply with Medical device directive # EEC/93/42EEC, DIN ISO 9001:2000 / EN 46002, CE mark regulations FDA USA’s cGMP (Q.S.R). 

A.L.M. instruments are distributed in Korea, South Africa, Argentine, Spain, France Germany, U.K, Egypt, U.A.E, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia and Turkey. 

A.L.M. Surgicare is whole- heartedly committed to total customer satisfaction as our policy is Maximum Customer Satisfaction Through

Best Quality of Products
Competitive Prices and
On Time Deliveries

Our staff remain online to advise and assist wherever it may be required.

Contact Nos: 0092-52-3556039, 3556139, 3258366. Fax # 0092-52-3553039.


When placing an order by Phone, Fax or E-mail. Please quote the following details.

  • Order No. 
  • Catalogue Number and Description. 
  • Quantity. 
  • Delivery Address. 
  • Date Required. 
  • Special Markings (if required). 

To order by post

Please post your order at the address given below:

143/C Fatima Jinnah Road, Small Industrial Estate
P.O. Box: 295. Sialkot, Pakistan 

In case of urgency, we can dispatch orders with in 1 to 2 weeks time.

Terms and Conditions

The goods remain the property of A.L.M. Surgicare untill paid for in full. We only deal in terms of advance payment by T/T Telegraphic Transfer or by irrevocable letter of credit L/C.


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