Scalpels and Knives
Forceps and Clamps
Needle Holders
Hooks and Retractors
Intestinal Forceps and Clamps
Rectal Speculums and Proctoscopes
Bladder Retractors
Urinary Instruments
Vaginal Specula and Retractors
Biopsy and Haemorrhoidal Forceps
Uterine Dilators and Endospecula
Uterine Probes and Forceps
Myoma Instruments
Biopsy and Gynaecological Instruments
Obstetrics Instruments
Tracheotomy Instruments
Jenkner Instruments
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Lung Spatulas and Suction Cannulae
Bone Punches and Rongeurs
Amputation Instruments
Bone Elevators, Levers and Raspatories
Bone Files and Rasps
Bone Curettes
Tampers, Chisels and Gouges
Bone Holding Forceps and Clamps
Bone Rongeurs and Cutting Forceps
Meniscus Instruments
Wire Extension Instruments
Finger Nail Instruments
Plaster Instruments
Suction Instruments
TC Instruments
Hospital Wares
Mouth and Throat
Dermal Instruments
Directors Probes and Cotton Applicators
Suturing Instruments
Pocket Instrument and Venae Sectio Set
Wire Holding Forceps and Pliers
Sternum and Rib Instruments
Bioptome and Aortic Dilators
Vascular Spatulas, Strippers and Tourniquets
Irrigating Cannulae and Dilators
Kidney Clamps and Forceps
Gall Duct Dilators, Scoops and Forceps
Gall Duct Forceps and Probes





ALM-11-252  Probe 1mm Dia. 145mm

ALM-11-253  Probe 1.5mm Dia. 130mm

ALM-11-254  Probe 1.5mm Dia. 145mm

ALM-11-255  Probe 1.5mm Dia. 160mm

ALM-11-256  Probe 1.5mm Dia. 180mm

ALM-11-257  Probe 1.5mm Dia. 200mm

ALM-11-258  Probe 1.5mm Dia. 250mm

ALM-11-259  Probe 2mm Dia. 145mm

ALM-11-260  Probe 2mm Dia. 160mm

ALM-11-261  Probe 2mm Dia. 180mm

ALM-11-262  Probe 2mm Dia. 200mm

ALM-11-263  Probe 2mm Dia. 300mm

 Code: ALM-11-252 to 263
 Pieces in Each Box:
 Weight of Box:
 HRC Hardness:
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